Welcome to the Menopause Couch© Ltd

Illustration by Libby Turner

We are a group of community based woman in Oxfordshire, led by Claire, who are able to make a difference to your menopause journey. Whether it’s through natural menopause, Surgical, Chemical, Premature Ovarian Insufficiency or Early menopause.

Our aim is to offer a safe and nurturing environment where we’re able to open up and share experiences with other amazing women (or privately). Whilst growing with knowledge on how to adapt to this phase in our lives and live with less chronic health issues.

Claire is a qualified Menopause Coach, a specialist by her own experiences with POI. As well as an experienced Body Control Pilates Teacher, Low Back Pain Practitioner and Teacher Trainer.

Come and join us on one of our group courses and learn how to navigate your way through the haze and maze of Peri to Post Menopause.

Or book on to one of Claire’s private courses to dive deeper into the elements of Menopause that are effecting your life.

Menopause Health Elements


Why am I craving non stop sugar?

Brain Health

The stats…


What, why and how much?


What, why and how much?


Adapting your brain’s circuitry!

Heart Health

Now is the time to care!


Why can’t I sleep?



September 19th!

6 week interactive group courses in the community – 2 hrs per session



We’re all unique… Let’s focus on you and create a plan of action together.



Teaming up with specialists in their field to host topic specific sessions



Bespoke sessions created around your work force and the challenges they may face in the work place


Anon – Ewelme

I made contact with Claire whist I was recovering from major Abdominal surgery last year. I wanted to work with someone who could help me rebuild my core strength and bring back some flexibility. From the outset Claire was very responsive and she gave me every confidence she would help me achieve my goals.

We’ve had a number of sessions now. I’m definitely stronger already and I’ve been able to use my lessons to exercise at home, with great results. Claire has written me a programme for home which I thoroughly enjoy doing.

Claire is more than an established and experienced Pilates instructor. She has knowledge and guidance on digestion, preparing for surgery, the menopause and many other topics. She’s also a very empathetic person. All this combined makes the sessions really valuable and enjoyable. Thank you Claire.

Anon – Wallingford

Claire has been with me every step of the way during my peri menopausal journey. She had practical suggestions to try and did lots of useful signposting for information and resources.

Claire is always listening and empathetic; she has a wealth of knowledge and lived experience whilst recognising that everyone’s experience is different.

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